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Kad gospodin zatvori temu

Image Ko je Majkl Ventura, čime se on bavi i šta je napisao, možete pogledati ukratko ovde:   Michael Ventura   Detaljnije na njegovom sajtu.   Official website   The Talent of the Room   -pdf  Ovde će biti postavljen novinarski, poslednji  pozdrav Karlosu Kastanedi sa kojim se Majkl Ventura sreo dva puta u životu. Drugi put u vreme kada je Kastaneda već bio bolestan i na zalasku života .  Magazine Articles Austin Chronicle - Jul 1998 Homage to a Sorcerer by Michael Ventura A sorcerer died two or three months ago. Liver cancer, they said, but the details are vague. Also vague is why it took so long for word to get out. There are strange rumors. No matter. All this is as it should be for a sorcerer. Strangest of all, in a way, were the obituaries of the media heavies, a

AMAZON — Slavica Trajković

A Translators’ Note There are people who spend all the paper in the world and still write nothing; and then, there are those who write almost nothing, and contain a whole world. Mrs. Slavica’s poetry very much belongs to the latter. Often desolate and gritty, yet equally lively and vibrant; these miniature pieces will disarm you with their honesty, impress with profoundly hitting the bull’s eye, shock with images that durably glue to the retinas, and teach cautionary tales. Set in an economically broken, war-ridden country, where freedom always comes at a price of a grave sacrifice; this tale is of true unpredictability, of being lost and scared, and alone in raising three children, while clenching onto the last straw of sanity. In it, the protagonist prevails victorious and gifts us a spark of hope. Above all, it’s a deeply and truly personal story, cherished by the author as a labour child of her suffering and love; which gave me an immense pleasure and respons